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Waste Management in Melbourne

Waste management programs for the City of Melbourne

Residents of Melbourne got multiple options when it comes to disposing of unwanted household items or materials. There are specialized waste centers that can help them out, laws are specially designed to ensure that each area will have accessible trash bins. Establishments and businesses are usually provided with pieces of information on how to help out in maintaining the city cleaner, they are assigned to bins that they can use. Garbage trucks collect the garbage once a week. Fees are given to a business that uses garbage compactors in central city laneways. Overall, you can see that Melbourne got an expertly designed waste management that just works.

However, recently, Melbourne decided to focus on recycling. I honestly think that every city should do this, recycling really helps out a lot when it comes to global warming and waste problems, which is a real threat, and doing everything to help out the environment is something that everyone should do.

Things you didn’t know you could do

There things that you could actually do in our city when it comes to waste management which you might not be aware of. I will be sharing out some things that you can easily do since some of them might really be helpful to you someday.

If the garbage bin assigned to your area is always full, did you know that you can actually call a number so that they could assign you a bigger bin? Since garbage is being collected only once a week, a garbage bin that is not enough for your part of the city could be a problem. Trashes could be dispersed by stray animals if not inside the bin properly and could be a source of a smelly neighborhood. You can call the number 9658 9658 to upgrade your current bin to a maximum of 240-litre bin. You could further have it upgraded under special circumstances but it will incur an annual fee.

Electronic WasteYou can also get a special bin for electronic wastes like television, cellphone etc for your compound for a week. The reason for this is because electronic wastes are 95% recyclable. A working phone can also be donated or specially recycled by calling the number 03 9658 9658 in which case they will send you a pre-paid satchel for you to send your phone with.

You can also report a missing garbage bin to have it investigated and replaced. This is really helpful since not having a proper garbage bin means no proper garbage collection. And they can actually replace it fast.

If you will be having a large amount of waste, either a commercial waste or not, it is a little bit of a problem since you can’t wait for the garbage truck to collect it for you, and having a large amount of undisposed garbage can incur some violation. What you can do, however, is hire a skip bins service, you can hire a good company and they will provide you with the perfect size of skip bin that you can just fill out with all of your garbage. After a certain amount of time, they will come back to collect the filled out bin and you will have no worry. You can click here for more information regarding skip bins services like this.


Waste management program in Melbourne is really good. You can see that the government put efforts in doing it, you can see it on their website. So, if you want to help, it would really be easy and you can start doing it right now.